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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ian Butler: World Traveler

Ian with his friend Kuba

It's about time Ian shows everyone what he has been up to in Poland. (Click an image to enlarge it.)

Some of his favorite activities include playing in sandboxes. There are several parks with excellent sandboxes within walking distance of our apartment. Here he is with his friend Antosia:

In Krakow, he likes to feed the pigeons in the Rynek (The Market Square).

The Bieszczady Mountains, where we're also spending some of our time, has its own amusements. Here, Beata's mom Pani Ela lets him sit on a tractor.

There's also a big lake nearby where Ian has gone swimming. He got to captain a ferry with his Mama:

Ian's a fan of big machines. We visited this bulldozer-digger daily:

We also spent a week on a farm. Ian got to watch a cow being milked by hand. He also got to chase chickens and ducks. But his favorite animal was the cat.