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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Postcard from Poland

I just received my first postcard from Ian in Poland.

Oh, and his mom is there, too. In a recent email, she reported from the rural town of Lesko, where she's visiting:
Ian is talking more and more.  Some new words include "eat," "outside" (side), "on" (which means both on and off), and "read."  There is a new playground by Beata's [editor's note: Beata is a friend of Marysia's who's visited us in Alabama] Mom's apartment.  Ian wanted to join the older kids on all of their play equipment.  Everyone was very tolerant of him, making room for him and letting him explore.  He had a whole cheering squad, too--me, Beata, her mom, and the son of a cousin.  Ian took a liking to the cousin, who seems to be about 12, and Pawel was surprisingly receptive to Ian.  He also took a liking to Beata's mom, and even went out with her when she went to pick up a few things at the store (one nice thing about Poland is that small shops are within a few feet of just about everywhere).  He seems surprisingly able to communicate, even with people who don't speak his language.
In a day or two, Ian and Marysia will be returning to Kraków. And apparently, Ian greatly enjoys all the trains, trams, buses and other forms of transportation in the big city. (Marysia hasn't mentioned his response to the fire-breathing dragon.) It sounds like he's having a blast!

The plan is for me to go out there for Ian's birthday, 27 September, and stay for a couple of weeks. I can't wait!