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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Favorite Vacation Photos

Marysia and Ian are in Poland now, but before they departed we all participated in a Galbraith family reunion on Fishers Island, NY, during the first week of July.

Fishers Island is near New London, CT, and, indeed, that's where you catch the ferry to get there, but it's actually an eastern continuation of the land mass that makes up Long Island. Marysia's brother, Wiley, arranged for a pile of Galbraiths to stay at a 1920s vacation home near the beach.

Of course, there are numerous photos from the gala event, but rather than tax the Internet with them I've selected the two that have received the most favorable comment.

Our plane was delayed departing Birmingham because some doofus spilled fuel all over the wing. We were already on the plane when it happened, but we all had to get off and wait half an hour while they sopped it up. Ian was quite fascinated with the process.

I had already left Fishers Island when Marysia snapped this evocative shot.

My mom and dad liked it so much they had it enlarged and framed and gave it to my aunt Sally as a birthday gift.

If only Life magazine were still around to publish it!