The [Former] Blog Ian

Monday, April 25, 2005

Ian Misses Ms. Sue

Ian hugs his daycare teacher, Ms. Sue. She quit the CDC two weeks ago (8 April) in order to take a new job.

She was great with Ian's class of kids: Bailey, Kai, Phillip, and Jackson. She was determined to teach them various things--like sitting down to drink your milk, using a spoon, stacking blocks, turning around and jumping, cooling hot food by blowing on it, knob turning, animal naming, and more developmentally appropriate behaviors.

Plus, she is a very kind, caring person. She really seemed to love all her little charges, but we suspect she liked Ian best!

When she quit all the parents and the CDC director, Vicki, conspired to make her a farewell card, with photos of all the kids. She seemed quite moved when we presented it to her.

Ian misses Ms. Sue a lot! And so do we!

His new teacher is Ms. Shelley, who is also very nice; but Ian won't be with her long because he's due to move up into a bigger kids room next week. More to come about that, I'm sure.