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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Christmas 2004: Part Two

Two more photos from Christmas Eve.

Starin and Jay had a penguin in their front yard -- quite unexpected for Phoenix. The lighting in it was such that after dark he appeared to have a 5:00 shadow. Quite unsavory looking!

Just to prove that I was not always behind the camera, here's a shot of Ian and me enjoying some "oaty o's" (as we call them) at Starin's house in the high chair that Mom and Dad thoughtfully rented for our visit. (I did, however, take this picture.)

On to Christmas Day...

Ian received many gifts from his generous relatives and friends. Among his favorites were some Nerf balls.

Later, back in Alabama, Ian conducted a science project with one of them. He took a bite of the spongy Nerf material, which "appeared," shall we say, about 10 hours later -- illustrating the speed at which his digestive tract processes Nerf.

Ian gave Penanny a calender with pictures of him for each month. Please note the Nerf ball used in the science project while it was still intact.

Christmas Day dinner was held at Lydia and John's. Their dogs also attended.

Also in attendance were Reid, Shawna (in back), and Shawna's daughter, Kylie...

...and Ian's cousins Luc (left) and Alex.

John presided over the kitchen, preparing delicacies such as this lasagna.

Lydia acquired a yule log -- made of chocolate! Please note the mushrooms!

Ian had a great time in Phoenix -- meeting relatives he'd never seen before and soaking up the attention.

Then, the day after Christmas, we hopped over to Los Angeles to visit Marysia's brother, Wiley. More on that in the next installment...