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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Christmas 2004: Part One

Christmas 2004 found the Butler-Galbraith Confederation on the move. First stop was Phoenix, where Ian enjoyed exploring a jungle gym at the new Indian School Park, right next to where I went to high school many years ago (1968-72).

Next he sampled genuine Mexican cuisine at El Bravo. He was particularly fond of corn tamales.

On Christmas Eve we participated in a long-standing Butler family tradition: a reading of A Visit From St. Nicholas, or The Night Before Christmas. Also in attendance were Ian's granmother, Penanny, and his cousin, Sam (whom he met for the first time on this trip).

After the traditional reading, a new tradition was born: the blowing of peanut-butter flavored bubbles by Ian's aunt Starin and uncle Jay. Reportedly, the flavoring was to please Starin and Jay's dogs, but that doesn't mean children can't enjoy it, too.

Note Ian's skill at balancing a bubble on his head!

Ian was also introduced to field hockey by Poppa, who was evidently reliving his glory days playing ice hockey in North Dakota as a youth.

More to come!