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Friday, September 03, 2004

Darn Ear Infection

Ian has been battling an ear infection this week.

It's sorta his first. Dr. Clark had previously found a little "water" on an Ian ear several months ago and had prescribed antibiotics; but she wasn't definite about it being a true infection. This week, however, the lil dude is unambiguously suffering.

Last Monday he had a low-grade fever most of the day and had to be brought home from day care. At about 4:30, the fever suddenly spiked--eventually hitting a high of 104.1 degrees (Fahrenheit). We called the doctor's office and they said to take him to the emergency room. So, off we went to the Northport Medical Center, where Ian was born 11 months ago.

The process was sloooooow (when is it not at the ER?), but thorough. They took a blood sample and a chest x-ray. Peered in his ears, nose and mouth. Thumped his chest. Took his temperature rectally (ew!) and gave him some Motrin that brought it down surprisingly quickly.

Finally, after three hours, Dr. Rodolfo Veluz declared that Ian's right ear was "definitely infected" (actually, the doctor that said that was a man whose name I didn't catch, but Dr. Veluz's name was on the records). Antibiotics was (were?) prescribed and we were free (yes, free at last!) to go home.

Actually, although three hours in the ER is not a time-efficient or pleasurable experience for anyone, the NMC was good about getting Ian into a private room within about 15 minutes after our arrival--taking him inside ahead of several other folks that were waiting. I guess they give feverish babies a high priority.

Since Monday, Ian's fever has slowly been subsiding--although not in a linear fashion. It would go down for several hours and then spike back up again, once getting as high as 103 in the middle of the night. Those relapses are frustrating, but they're becoming less common as the week goes on. Yesterday, Thursday, he had hardly any fever at all; but he still wasn't his old carefree self. It was evident that he was feeling pain even though he did not complain too much.

He also went back to day care Thursday for the first time since Monday morning (after we got a return-to-school note from the ER that certified that he was not contagious). One of the challenges for Marysia and me (beyond the intense worry over a sick child) has been juggling our work schedules so that one of us can be home with him at all times. It's the first time we've had to do this for the better part of a week.

It feels odd to be taking "sick days" when the person who's sick is not yourself, but I guess that's all part of being a parent.

Now, Friday morning, Ian is on the mend. He has not been feverish for 24 hours, but he's still evidently in discomfort. Hopefully that's just another step in the recuperation process.

And on a mostly unrelated note (although an essential part of the Ian story in the long run), Marysia and I will celebrate the 60-month anniversary (five years!) of our first date at the Globe restaurant tomorrrow. Without that date and the subsequent events, Ian would never have existed!