The [Former] Blog Ian

Saturday, August 07, 2004

first steps

Jeremy and I are gritting our teeth--we've been warned how our life will change once Ian is bipedal. That moment is fast approaching. About 2 weeks ago, Ian started to stand on his own. For the past 3 days, he's been taking single steps, especially when transfering from one leg (like DaDa's) to another (like the table's). Yesterday at the CDC, Heather (the director, and one of Ian's teachers) said he took 2 steps, smiled and laughed, fell to his butt, picked himself up, and took 2 more steps!

Other recent milestones:

Ian's been showing more signs of affection. He's always liked to be held and hugged, but now he's hugging us back, or laying his head on our shoulder when we hold him. It makes his Mama's heart melt!

He's also been playing some new games--he'll hand us things, let us take it, then take it back. Before, he'd just hold it out, but not let go. He's also learning that when objects are underneath or inside something, they're still there, like plastic containers under a rug, or toys inside a box. He's been taking things out for a while now--containers out of cabinets, toys out of baskets, books off of shelves--but now he's starting to put things back in, as well. Mama likes this game!

And Ian's finally given up his 3 AM nursing! He's still a little restless sometimes, but that might just be because he's working on another tooth.