The [Former] Blog Ian

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Up In the Air, Junior Birdman

Ian took his second-ever trip on a plane today.

He, Marysia and I jetted from Birmingham to New York (Laguardia airport):

We're on our Summer Vacation in New York and Maine. Our first stop is Long Island where we're staying with Ian's Babcia, his uncle Chris and his kaufoo Shih Han.

Ian acted like a seasoned traveler as we drove from Northport to Birmingham (chaufeurred by our friend Daniel), then flew to Laguardia, then rented what was billed as a "mid-sized car" but turned out to be an SUV (a Jeep Liberty) and drove to East Northport, LI, NY. The whole excursion took about nine hours, but Ian fussed very little. In fact, he slept through most of the plane flight.