The [Former] Blog Ian

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Party On Long Island

Ian entertained family and friends today at our first party of the Vacation.

Our chefs were Chris and Shih Han, who prepared delicious chicken and tuna filets...

...which the assembled crowd enjoyed greatly (from left: Mary, Elizabeth, Maria/Babcia, George, Ian, Marysia, Elinor, Kim).

Elizabeth and Maria exclaimed on the perfection of the weather and beauty of the garden (tended by Maria and Chris--the garden, not the weather).

Ian got up-close-and-personal with Uncle Chris...

...and Elinor, former across-the-street neighbor.

George (Elizabeth's husband) extended the hand of friendship to Ian.

Ian liked the grass very much. It was soft to sit on, easy to pull from the ground, and very tasty.

His mom and dad liked the grass too.

All in all, a great time was had by all.