The [Former] Blog Ian

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ian in the Tuscaloosa News

Ian just made his first (of many, we're sure) appearance in the Tuscaloosa News.

Elizabeth Alter is a local architect and the woman responsible for us finding our home in Bellwood. We went to see her while we were trying to decide if we should expand Dream Home I in order to accommodate both Marysia and me. During our initial conversation with her, it became apparent that expanding Dream Home I was not a good option for us.

While we were chatting, however, we mentioned how Marysia had tried to buy a home in Bellwood and how much she loved the neighborhood. As it turned out, Elizabeth and her husband, Torin, lived there already.

A couple of months of house hunting passed and we had not found something suitable. Suddenly, to our surprise, Elizabeth called us with a tip that a Bellwood home was about to be offered for "sale by owner."

Well sir, that tip led to our purchase of 1527 Bellwood Lane. Thank you, Elizabeth!