The [Former] Blog Ian

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Momentous Weekend

This has been a momentous two days in young Ian's life. On Saturday, March 27, 2004, Ian had his half year birthday!!! We celebrated by going to Manna for lunch, where we bumped into friends Sheri and Nathan who were more than happy to hold Ian while we ate. Ian enjoyed the company (he's very social) and rewarded his new friends with big smiles.

Then, it was off to the women's softball game against the dreaded LSU Tigers. Although the Tide lost, we enjoyed the warm day. Ian, who was wiped out by a morning of playing, slept through most of the game.

Another great landmark in Ian's life this weekend--he rolled from his back to his belly. Our belly boy has been rolling from his belly to his back for weeks now, but this is the first time he rolled the other way. By today, Sunday, he was able to repeat the act with grace. He was playing on his stomach, then rolled to his back. He played that way for a while and then rolled back to his belly. Yea Ian!!!

Ian also enjoys sitting up. He can hold himself up for a couple of minutes as long as he stays leaning forward a bit, though if he tips too much to the side or back he falls over.

And the next landmark of the weekend--this morning he ate some rice cereal for the first time. For a number of days now, he has been watching attentively when his parents eat, and even smacking his lips. Today, I mixed some rice cereal with milk to make a very liquidy gruel. Ian ate it right up! He also enjoyed holding the spoon and putting it in his mouth himself. He still needs some practice, but he'll be feeding himself in no time!!!

And thus begins our spring break. We're looking forward to taking long walks together, and maybe even taking an overnight trip toward the end of the week.